We are a future-oriented organization in service of innovative primary and secondary school teachers

Hello, we are Educreators!

We’re a future-oriented, for-purpose organisation in service of primary and secondary school teachers bringing transformative innovation in the classroom.

Our focus is on school projects that are consciously shaping the future of learning and education in a global context, for the well-being of the people and the planet. Our approach is based on transformative innovation processes, applied futures thinking, interdisciplinary research and participatory design. For the past six years, together with our strategic partners and with our contributors’ support, we have created participatory initiatives and flagship projects reaching thousands of primary and secondary school teachers and students across Switzerland, actively promoting and supporting transformative innovation in the classroom.

Photo of Cristina Riesen

Educreators was founded in 2016 by Cristina Riesen with a strong mission to contribute to positive change in education through transformative innovation and participatory design. Born as “We Are Play Lab” and rebranded as “Educreators” in the beginning of 2020, it has been rallying from the very beginning a strong ecosystem of education institutions and education stakeholders around its core mission.

As a future-oriented nonprofit, Educreators has operated since day one as a fluid and flexible ecosystem, following a “sense and respond” approach to supporting systemic change and relying on a network of multi-talented contributors for specific project tasks.

In a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world, our work as transformative innovators in the fields of learning and education is much needed.  If you would like to support our projects, get in touch.

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