We are a future-oriented organization in service of innovative primary and secondary school teachers

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Welcome to FuturesReady. Classrooms

How can I support my students to gain confidence in front of the unknown and be realistically hopeful about the future ?

If you’ve been asking yourself this question, know that you are not alone. We have spent the last four years with hundreds of primary and secondary school teachers across Switzerland investigating:

  • How to support our young people to develop their critical thinking when confronted with emerging narratives about “the future”?
  • How to build agency in face of uncertainty and thus become ” future-fit”?
  • Which are essential skills, competences and mindsets supporting students to become designers of their lives?

As futures literacy and futures thinking are not yet part of the curriculum and teachers have limited time and resources for extra curricular activities, we aimed to develop a methodology and personalized learning activities that:

  • support primary and secondary school teachers and students to experience and to design preferred futures scenarios in their everyday classroom context and specific community environment
  • train various dimensions of future consciousness in everyday teaching through innovative pedagogies and learning activities fully integrated in the curriculum

Informed by research and based on deep insights gained through participatory workshops with 120+ Swiss primary and secondary school teachers, we launched a first in-classroom FuturesReady. pilot project in May 2023. The pilot focuses on a two and half years methodology integration for 5th grade teachers and students in a Swiss public school.

We deeply believe that any classroom can become FuturesReady. with minimum investment and resources. If you would like to be part of our community of practice and set up your own pilot project, please e-mail team@educreators.net.