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Posted by Cristina

The EduFutures pilot project launched in 2020 focused on the topic “Schools of the Future”, aiming to create and to test a methodology for fostering futures thinking in public primary schools. Initially based on the approach developed by IFTF – Institute for the Future as part of their extensive research on Future Skills and the Future of Work, the methodology expanded and integrated valuable input from Swiss experts and innovative teachers.

The methodology gave birth to a toolkit for participatory workshops with students, teachers, including also debriefing materials for school directors and parents. Significantly affected by the burst of the COVID pandemic, the project went through a few iterations. The insights gained during the pilot were used for developing the follow-up project, Educreators NextGen.

Contributors: Cristoina Riesen – Lead and Methodology Design, Severin von Hünerbein – Workshop Design and Facilitation