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Educreators NextGen

Posted by Cristina

Primary and secondary school teachers can play a key role in supporting young people to gain confidence in front of the unknown and develop their critical thinking when confronted with emerging narratives related to “the future” . By learning how to train different dimensions of future consciousness in everyday teaching and how to hold space for narratives of preferred futures, teachers can support their students in building agency in face of uncertainty.

Educreators NextGen aims to empower primary and secondary school teachers with innovative pedagogical practices and personalized learning activities translating futures literacy, futures thinking and foresight in the specific context of their own classroom and community.

Informed by research and a methodology developed through participatory workshops involving 120+ Swiss primary and secondary public school teachers since 2021, a first in-classroom pilot project kicked-off in May 2023. The two and a half years pilot involving 5th grade teachers and students is based on participatory design processes fully integrated in the curriculum.

Teachers interested in learning more about setting up and running futures-ready projects are invited to submit a request to team@educreators.net.

Contributors: Cristina Riesen – Lead, Methodology Design and Production, Franziska Beeler – Workshop Design and Facilitation, Linda Vitus – Project Research and Coordination, Gregory Pepper – Workshop design